You will not find any record of Gina Jenkinson before 1971, largely due to the fact she wasn't born until the following year. She wasn't going to let being born in the early 70s hold her back, but looking like a monkey in a jumble sale would.

For some unbeknown reason, be it her mothers apathy towards her child's nutrition or perhaps her fathers inability to recognise her in a line up, but Gina didn't develop breasts until 1987. 1987 was a great year for Gina. It was the year she started getting invited to parties, and Rick Astley hit the music (?) scene.

Gina† recently appeared on and won the Channel 4ís competition ìThe Best Comedian Everî in a dream she had. If anyone deserved to win she certainly did. In between writing to do lists and napping, she has a full and active online social life. She regularly updates her Facebook statuses with† pictures of things sheís about to eat and passive aggressive messages to people ìwho know who they areî

Which brings us bang up to date . . . oh something about comedy and the time she bought a dog that would change her life forever.

  • "Funny, original and quite possibly a bit mental"
    Gary Delaney - Comedian
  • "Cheerfully dark anecdotes delivered with effortless charm and laced with inventive imagery and unexpectedly potent punchlines. Gina's a worthy addition to any line-up of venerated mirth-merchants"
    Anthony J Brown - Comedian and promoter